Steogict Pool Tournament rules for marks in Kenya 2022

Steogict Pool Tournament rules for marks in Kenya, 2022.

Following the upcoming pool tournament for marks, here is a set of rules to govern the pool game tournament for marks. Certainly, most of these tournament rules are the ones not familiar to most of the pool players who like playing marks in Kenya.

First, Pool is a category of cue sports that are played on a wooden or marble table. Secondly, the white ball is referred to as the Cue ball. The pots where the numbered balls are deposited are referred to as the Pockets.

It’s good to note that it’s the second pool tournament event at the Steogict Pool Arena. The pool tournament by Steogict will take event at Steogict Pool Arena, Nairobi, Kenya.

So, what are some of the most important rules by Steogict when it comes to pool tournament for marks?

Steogict Pool Tournament in Kenya 2022.
  1. Ball No. 4 & 5 are 4 & 5 marks respectively.
  2. Ball arrangement is strictly 19-19 across the board with either 2 or 3 ball sets.
  3. Common is not counted nor deducted, the other player continues to play. Whether you played common and potted any ball, it’s not counted nor deducted.
  4. No jump shots nor spinning across the black line.
  5. Potting the white ball directly, whether not intentional, is deducted and the afore player should show the ball.
  6. In case of a draw, we shall have an extra match for a winner to be found.
  7. When the cue ball hangs on the rails, it’s interpreted to be on the table not unless it’s not on any parts of the cushion. Hence, the other player may have to carry the cue ball and be deducted. On the other hand, a numbered ball hanging on the top rail is inferred to be off the marble. (Understand the point carefully)
  8. When a ball that wasn’t to be played gets off the table, it will be the one deducted and not the one being played. This is because if you could have potted the ball, it could have been tallied for you.
  9. No arguments when the Chalkman rules on a games event. In short, Chalkman is the final decision maker.
  10. Ensure you arrive on time.
  11. We don’t have the ancient rule of “pata iishe”. When the game is over, it’s over.
  12. Lastly, here are some of the most crucial terms that will be used by the referees: Pesa bila white, pesa hadi white, any mistake, any mistake game imeisha, slu game iko, slu imeisha, etc.

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