Carlos Tevez announces his retirement

A page turns for the Apache. It’s not really a surprise given that he had not stepped on the meadow for over a year and that he was without a club after leaving Boca Juniors, but Carlos Tevez formalized his retirement on Saturday. “I am retired, it is confirmed. […] I stopped playing because I lost my biggest fan”notably entrusted the former scorer of Manchester United, Manchester City or even Juventus to Argentinian TV, in reference to the death of his father from the consequences of Covid-19 several months ago.

“I was offered a lot of things, but these were very important changes for my family. As a player, I have already given everything I had in my heart. I’m more than calm”then added the man with 76 caps with the Albiceleste (13 goals), to Olebefore saying more about his future. “I decided that I was going to coach. […] I have a coach who teaches me to communicate. You have to prepare. I’m not going to take a club and say you have to win so you don’t all get sacked. I have to give the players the means to win. » The history of Tévez in the world of football is not over, which will have shaken the nets 237 times in 607 professional meetings, with 7 different clubs, between 2002 and 2021.

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