FC Barcelona: the captains are waging war on the management!

While the Catalan leaders have asked their captains to make new financial efforts, the latter are opposed to it…

It’s no secret that FC Barcelona is in a very difficult financial situation. Last week, the Catalan press explained that currently the club could not register any arrivals, nor even increase the salaries of certain players like Gavi and register contracts with La Liga. Solutions exist, such as the sale of BLM (Barça Licensing and Merchandising), the signing of the CVC deal or the transfer of Frenkie de Jong.

And Joan Laporta and his teams have another solution as explained Sport : ask for new sacrifices to the workforce. In recent days, the management has thus hinted that new salary reductions were going to be requested from the captains, players who have very high salaries. But they don’t want to hear about it…

The captains don’t want to hear anything

Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Pique believe they have already done enough by lowering their salaries twice: in the midst of covid, then last summer. And at the same time, they find it unfair that they have made so much effort while other players in the squad have not moved a finger and have not accepted any reduction in their emoluments. .

An understandable posture, but which clearly does not help the club’s staff. The latter will have to turn to other players on the team to grab a few euros. Other media claim that the club can cut wages unilaterally… but this could have terrible consequences and for example allow players to leave the club by terminating their contract. Suffice to say that it is a new sacred puzzle that presents itself for Joan Laporta …

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