I Am Not Your Husband- Kimani Ngunjiri’s Clash With Kihika Gets Personal

  • Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri on Sunday, June 5, escalated the fallout with Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika after she made rather personal attacks on her family. 

    The sharp-tongued MP warned the Senator was not his wife to engage in a back and forth with in public. 

    Speaking during a press conference in Nakuru, Ngunjiri demanded that Kihika respects him, accusing her of attacking his persona over endorsing her biggest rival in the Nakuru County gubernatorial race – Governor Lee Kinyanjui. 

    The MP opined that she should have investigated the viral video before she embarked on a verbal onslaught, tainting his name on social media.


    Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri addresses a gathering in Nakuru County on Wednesday, January 6, 2021


    “I am only married by one wife. You are not married by me to go around insulting me. If you start insulting us now, what happens when you become the governor,” the legislator remarked.

    “I want to ask Susan Kihika to be an honourable leader, do not follow the brokers. If you felt like I made a mistake, you should have called me instead of attacking me. Respect me and I will respect you,” he added.

    Ngunjiri distanced himself from the endorsement, stating that the video had been edited by people aiming to cause bad blood between him and the Senator. He explained that unlike what was portrayed in the video, he was actually campaigning for UDA.

    “I introduced all leaders present including the musicians, but throughout, all they kept saying is Lee is the answer (jibu ni Lee). I responded by saying, that if all of you claim that Lee is the answer, then you should know that in Bahati, Ngunjiri is the answer,” he remarked

    “Now there are some individuals who edited the video to make it seem like I endorsed Lee. I did not confirm to anybody. Do not forget that I buried your father and gave you a job as the speaker, I gave your hand in marriage, so please respect me. How many times have I endorsed you even before the DP?” he posed.

    Notably, Governor Kinyanjui was not spared as the lawmaker accused him of plotting his downfall in Nakuru. He made sensational claims that the governor planned to release photos and videos that would undermine the unity of the people of Nakuru.

    “We have no one to unite us; Kihika’s work is to insult and look down upon people while splashing money. Lee is planning to refresh the people of what happened in 2007 to beat the Deputy President,” he alleged.

    Kihika in a social media post published on June 2, on the other hand, did not take too kindly to Ngunjiri’s perceived betrayal captured in the viral video and urged her supporters from Bahati constituency to send the legislator home. 

    “What did that person from Bahati say? If that is how it is going to be, then my Bahati supporters know what they ought to do. This time around the old man should go home,” she declared.

    On June 3, Ngunjiri accused Kihika of undermining UDA from within, citing the interference of party primaries which forced many of Deputy President William Ruto’s supporters to run as independent candidates. He added that he would not be coerced to support her gubernatorial bid.

    From LEFT: Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, Deputy President William Ruto and Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri at a past event.

    From LEFT: Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, Deputy President William Ruto and Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri at a past event.


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