We have your best interest at heart, DP William Ruto tells women

Deputy President William Ruto at a rally in Kamukunji. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard] 

Deputy President William Ruto says he is confident UDA will produce Kenya’s first woman president in the coming years.

Speaking during the launch of the UDA Women’s League at a Nairobi hotel on Sunday night, the DP said his party is banking on the support of women to win the August 9 polls.

“UDA is a women’s party. It has the largest representation of women across the board. All opinion polls indicate UDA is the most popular party in Kenya and has a record majority of women,” said Ruto. Ruto UDA had registered 1,060 women aspirants “not by default but by design”

“I have more women supporters than men. Even pollsters have told me so,” the UDA leader said.

The DP said he was the biggest supporter of women’s enterprise. He added that when his wife Rachel Ruto told him about table banking under Joyful Women Organisation (JOYWO), he knew what men can do, women can do it better.

“Out of personal experience, I can confirm there are things women can do better than men and therefore the more we keep them out of governance, the more we lose,” Ruto said. “I can commit that as leaders of UDA, women will be there to lead.”

Economy debate

Ruto said the August election was about the economy and the face of the economy was ‘Mama Mboga’.

“The stakes in this election are high and we’ve pushed the election to be about issues and women are the centre of it. Our focus is on that hardworking, early rising Mama Mboga who strives to make ends meet,” said Ruto.

He added: “I want to predict that UDA will have the largest representation of elected governors in this election. At least five women governors will be elected on UDA and will become the benchmark for future.”

The Deputy President said his party will agree with women on their irreducible minimum and sign a charter with them. “It’s not about tokenism but making conditions better for them to strive and after the elections, we shall embark on a major mentorship programme,” he said.

UDA Secretary-General Veronica Maina said the UDA women’s leader meeting marked the beginning of a journey of the Kenyan women in politics.

“We shall move to every part of the country and expect women in their places to tell us their issues in health, education, and business. The gender card must not be spoken about in posh hotels but in the places where women work,” said Ms Maina.

The UDA Secretary-General said it was about time women got equal pay with men, saying the UDA women’s charter will address all the inequalities. 

“UDA had the largest representation of women at the party primaries,” said Ms Maina.

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