FC Barcelona can no longer take Gerard Pique

Between his separation, the many controversies he has been the subject of in recent weeks or his refusal to lower his salary, Gerard Piqué is becoming more and more undesirable at FC Barcelona.

Nothing is going right now for Gerard Pique. It is especially on the side of his private life that we must look. The Barcelonan and his now ex-girlfriend, the famous singer Shakira, have formalized their breakup after more than 10 years of living together. If this information absolutely does not concern the sporting field, it can have an impact on the professional life of the defender. FC Barcelona is worried about this by the way.

According to the edition of Sport yesterday, the management of the club, but also Xavi, hopes that the private life of the 2010 world champion would be less scrutinized in the weeks to come. This also weighs on the daily life of Barça, which more broadly is beginning to be exasperated by Gerard Pique, who has two years left on his contract. Because this separation comes on top of a substantial pile of controversy which he is already the subject of and it seriously annoys his club.

Too much controversy and not enough good performances

Despite all that this emblematic player represents, today he is the cause of too many problems for not enough solutions. On the pitch, he is clearly less efficient at 35 and finds himself more and more injured over the seasons. In other words, he’s less reliable after being one of the best, if not the best, in his position. Barça are also looking for a central defender this summer to accompany him and Araujo.

According to AS, the extra-sportive is also an element to be taken into account. There is the controversy over the audio messages exchanged with the president of the federation Luis Rubiales, his refusal to lower his salary again, he who receives 19 M € per season, or his influence with the fans and his still very important weight in the institution for what it represents. So many things that now bother.

To put it another way, a departure this summer is expected at Barça. As a reminder, after the 8-2 against Bayern in the summer of 2020, Pique had already offered to leave the ship if his presence became too heavy. “I am the first to offer to leave, to leave, because I believe that now we have hit rock bottom. I think we all have to look and think internally about what’s best for the club, for Barça, that’s important.” It may be time.

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