How Nick Vujicic prevented ’10 student suicides’ in Kenya

Celebrated motivational speaker and author Nick Vujicic has revealed that he prevented 10 Kenyan students from committing suicide during his visit to Kenya.

The Australian-American evangelist is currently in Kenya speaking to students from 14 public and private schools in Ithanga, Murang’a County.

After the event in Murang’a, Vujicic said that more than 1,000 students made a commitment to follow Jesus and that he received 10 letters from students who revealed that they had planned to take their lives next week.

However, he says, those plans no longer exist and now the said students “have been changed fully from the inside out.”

The evangelist-cum-author also expressed his gratitude to all the stakeholders involved in organising the event, specifically hosts Ithanga Secondary School and K-Crew (Circuit Riders).

He also wished Kenyans a peaceful electioneering period and promised to return to Kenya soon with his family.

“I know your elections are soon (August) and I look forward to returning once new decisions are made on federal levels. Can’t wait to come back! If you’ve never been to Africa. Kenya is a must! The next time I come back I’d like to bring my family,” read his post in part.

His message comes a day after a 20-year-old Form Four student took her life at her home in St Mary’s estate on the outskirts of Kitale town, in a suspected case of depression.

The body of Esther Waceke, who was a student at Maziwa Secondary School was found dangling on a sisal rope at a store in the homestead, with a suicide note beside it. She was dressed in her full school attire.

“Goodbye to my parents, I love you so much. I will end my life on Thursday,” read the suicide note which was retrieved by scene of crime police officers.

The deceased’s siblings said she recently complained of rejection at school from her fellow students and some teachers who claimed she was stubborn and senile.

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