Bhang, snake farming won’t solve Kenyans problems

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has told off Roots Party Presidential candidate for pegging his economic manifesto on marijuana and snake farming.

In a series of tweets on Saturday regarding his take on the matter, the lawyer said Kenyans’ problems go way beyond farming bhang and snakes.

Miguna at the same time appeared to disagree with Wajackoyah’s phrase of suspending the Kenyan constitution saying that will amount to an illegality.

“You don’t fix Kenya by subverting the Constitution that the people gave themselves in 2010,” he tweeted.

“You don’t solve the criminal debt crisis by selling snake poison. Using, reason, logic and vision are the solutions.”

He opined that many countries have legalized Marijuana but that has not made the narcotic their main economic earner.

The Lawyer said even most countries that grow Marijuana across the world are not the most developed.

“Marijuana has been legalized in many countries including Canada, some states in the US and a number of EU countries. But that has not made marijuana the leading economic earner. ,” he added.

“To suggest that legalizing marijuana will mythically solve all Kenya’s problems is to be unhinged.”

Miguna further cited Jamaica as a case example where marijuana is grown on a large scale but the nation still remains a 3rd world country.

He added that for Kenyans to bounce back economically, the next regime must prioritize seizing all stolen land and wealth.

This, he said, will enable the country to be able to clear its debts with ease.

“Campaigning on silliness about marijuana, snake farming and other silly pursuits constitute cowardice,” Miguna stated.

“Kenya’s problems do not require doing anything crazy or stupid. It only requires fearlessness, vision and transformative agenda.”

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