Former Machachari actor Almasi wants to keep a snake as a pet

Former Machachari actor Ian Nene has revealed that he would want to keep a snake as his pet. In a recent post on his Instagram page, Almasi was seen playing with a snake on his neck.

He captioned the videos;

“A day filled with ❤️❤️ and a desire to own my own pet snake.”

In one of the videos, Almasi was seen happily dancing with his Hindu friends.

A fan identified as merab_weri commented saying spirituality is the most peaceful thing and that he should ‘keep doing you’.

Another fan said, “You look way too good with that snake on. I want  one too actually.”

Almasi responded by saying that he would be getting one once he gets his own space.

Like many other times, Almasi’s post was received with mixed reactions from his fans.

courgene: Lovely to see someone live their life unapologetically

natashaleyla_adan: Sisi kama wakenya tunauzunika(As Kenyans we are sorry for you).

mulefumary: Mrudie yesu na macho itafunguka(Go back to Jesus and your eyes will be opened).”

Two years ago, Almasi revealed that he had tattooed his feet with two lotus flower tattoos. The tattoos were a confirmation of his conversion to Hinduism that happened back in 2018 and has been vocal ever since about his dedication to his faith.

Almasi’s unconventional style of dressing has many times left his fans confused about his sexuality. At one point, he stepped out in what looked like a long white skirt.

Almasi was met with fury by online users who accused him of being gay, on drugs, mentally unstable, and used other unsavory words to describe his actions.

“It is when you begin to question ‘who am I’ that your spiritual journey begins” he captioned one of the photos he was rocking the white skirt.”

In a post, Almasi said people will always look for something to say to fill up their false egos.

“It’s interesting to see that a majority of people have no clue what I do and who I am, yet they think they have the right to judge and critique my actions,” he wrote.

“For anyone dealing with anything similar… Just remain focused. The truth will be out in the end.”    BY MPASHO NEWS  

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