Gidi Kocha Putting Final Touches On His A List Album.

Gidi Kocha via his publicist Prestablogs has revealed that he is in the last stages of releasing his highly expected Ep and is working on the name/ tittle of the Ep though he remains unsure as to either drop it as an Album or an Extended Play.

The nimedata star who has been making airwaves ever since dropping his Never happened album is stuck between a thick and a thin place on his project as fans keep on pressuring him to give them more music as it has been over three months after he dropped pewa.

But as of Tuesday , Gidi Kocha has finally dropped the news his fans have been eagerly waiting for in accordance to the project and the artists featured.

The project will feature artists such as Scar Mkadinali, Kidis The Jembe Mazoo, Breeder Lw & Pystar whom is signed to his music label Gidi Kocha Empire music group.

The singer has asked fans to come up with a relatable tittle to his project as he works on the final details which will be followed by a listening party.

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