I want to spend the rest of my life with you-Lady tells Stivo Simple Boy

Stivo Simple Boy has been a force to reckon with ever since he made waves with the hit song Ḿihadarati.

Since then, he seems to have the Midas touch and everything he touches turns to gold so much so that his profile with the ladies has increased.

Recently,  a DM did the rounds on social media showing how one of his fans had fallen so hard for him that she even wrote a love letter to him.

In a message written to Kenya Gossip Club, the love-struck (or is it stars-truck?) lady told the page that she wanted them to help her out to reach the singer.

“Mind helping me out. Like I really want to get to Stivo Simple Boy. You are my everything, my hope,” she started out.

She went on to say that she wouldn’t mind spending the rest of her life with the charismatic musician.

She also preempted any argument from critics who might say she was only into him because she was after his money. “I know some people might think that I am after his money or something but to be honest I am not.”

“This is a real thing…and itś what I feel and I guess we are not supposed to be judged for expressing our feelings to the person we love,” she added.

She finished off by maturely stating that she would accept whatever decision he made as far as her proposal went. 

“All I need is an answer from him and all will be well…I will respect his decision.”

Check out the declaration below;

Last week, Stivo caused a hullabaloo when he seemed to flirt with Diana Marua, something that really irked her hubby, Bahati.   BY MPASHO NEWS  

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