Kenya Set to Import Black Tea to China

Kenya is seeking to export black tea to China following China’s increased interest in the commodity.

Speaking during a tour of Nduti Tea Factory in Murang’a, ambassador-designate to China, Muthoni Gichohi, said that although China is the largest consumer and exporter of green tea, consumption of black tea is also on the rise.

“I will engage private tea manufacturers to set up factories in Kenya, so as to produce tea for export that meets their standards,” Muthoni Gichohi as quoted by a local news agency.

She further added that she is planning to introduce black tea to China to help strengthen Kenya-China bilateral relations by increasing Kenya’s exports to China, which will also improve Kenya’s economy.

Even as Kenya seeks to export avocados and aquatic products, she promised to strive to look for a bigger market for Kenyan black tea, coffee and other horticulture produce.

She was accompanied by Ambassador-designate to Pakistan, Nyambura Kamau.

Ms Kamau stated that Pakistan is the greatest importer of Kenyan tea while Kenya is one of the largest importers of Pakistani rice.

She noted that this is not enough because there are many other areas that could be exploited for diversification boosting bilateral trade.

Last year, Pakistan exported goods worth USD 249 million to Kenya with rice accounting for USD 155 million and the rest being pharmaceuticals, textiles and tractors, meanwhile, tea accounted for 95 per cent of Kenya’s exports to Pakistan which stood at USD 502million in 2021 with the rest being vegetables, leather, chemicals, and fish.

The exportation of tea to Pakistan is anticipated to grow by 20 per cent in 2022 due to increased consumption and the exceptional taste and quality of Kenyan tea.

The two ambassador designates vowed to bring an equilibrium to the trade between the two countries, promising to help Kenya in technology transfer, so as to help the country realize industrialization and modernization.

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