Ruto Picks His Former Teacher for Special Project

  • Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate Dr William Ruto has vowed to improve the quality of Education and his first step included picking his former lecturer for the job.

    In a meeting with lecturers at the Deputy President’s residence in Karen, Ruto disclosed that his former lecturer at the University of Nairobi (UoN) Prof Raphael Munavu was part of a team of intellectuals working on a charter to define the country’s academic direction.

    He argued that the foundation of a nation is built on a proper education system in which lecturers are at the very top.

    Having acquired a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from UoN,  the DP reiterated that a nation is built on a solid academic foundation which can easily crumble when its quality is tampered with.

    UoN Chemistry Professor Raphael Munavu

    UoN Chemistry Professor Raphael Munavu.


    “If you destroy education, you destroy a nation. So what we are saying here is very important. How we treat our lecturers, what curriculum we run and how it is run is so crucial. That is why we are going to have a special day as Kenya Kwanza where we are going to prepare a charter on education.

    “We have so many people working on it at the moment. We have professor Munavu and others. Munavu was also my lecturer at UoN. (We are working) so that we can have an understanding of where we are going with our education because that is the single issue that can influence what happens to us,” Ruto stated.

    He further added that human capital, which is almost exclusively found on the education system, is fundamental in providing labour both locally and internationally.

    “The quality of human capital we can deploy locally and internationally will be influenced by the kind of education we run. It will also be influenced by the people who run that sector,” he stated.

    Munavu, a professor of repute, has a stellar academic career having served as the Chair of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences.

    He was also the pioneer Chancellor of Laikipia University and worked as Vice Chancellor of Moi University. He now teaches Chemistry at the University of Nairobi.

    In April 2021, the DP named him among a team entrusted to craft the Kenya Kwanza economic strategy alongside Economist David Ndii.

    The Alliance has promised to mainstream the bottom-up economic model should the DP ascend to the Presidency on August 9.

    University Of Nairobi

    University Of Nairobi


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