These Kenyans to Enjoy Free Rides This Week

  • The Neo Kenya bus company that owns Kenya Mpya fleet of buses on Monday, June 13, announced that it would be launching Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Thika Road on trial basis.

    In a statement the transport firm announced that it had partnered with Swedish Bus manufacturer Scania to launch the vehicles this coming weekend.

    Furthermore, it declared that it would be offering free rides to commuters using Thika Road during the test run, asking them to look out for the buses at various termini.

    An image of a BRT bus

    A Scania BRT bus built for 91 passengers (37 seated and 54 standing) and one wheelchair bay to accommodate persons with disabilities.


    “We are happy to announce that in line with our strategy to be part of the future of transport in Kenya. We will be partnering with Scania to trial BRT buses this weekend.

    “We are excited to be part of this project. Keep on the look out for the buses as we offer some free transport then,” the statement read in part.

    The announcement comes just hours after a section of Kenyans claimed that they had spotted a bus using the designated lane on the super highway.

    On February 10, Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga revealed that the Thika Road stretch, would be launched in phases starting July 2022. 

    Hinga disclosed that the state planned to construct new terminal at Kasarani, where private car owners would park their vehicles and use the BRT to the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) in a bid to decongest the roads and the city.

    “The people who are congesting the roads are not Matatus. Matatus congest by behaviour but the people who congest the roads are the private vehicles because we have too many of them.

    Initially meant for elecrtic buses only, the government  announced that would to incorporate hybrid as well as biodiesel powered vehicles in a bid to lean towards green energy and climate conservation. 

    Consequently, the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NaMATA) advertised that it had began the process of purchasing electric and fuel buses for the BRT. The entity invited applications from motor vehicle manufacturers to supply the high capacity buses.

    In March, the government revealed that it would be constructing a 12-kilometer BRT system connecting Eastlands and Upper Hill at Ksh37.6 billion to ease traffic congestion on the routes serving the area.

    One of the BRT buses from Scania East African Company while on transit

    One of the BRT buses from Scania East African Company while on transit.

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