Tottenham: the Heung-min Son clan pushes for a departure

Author of a big season at Tottenham, Heung-Min Son should not rest on his laurels. His father says so. The latter also invited him to change clubs.

A new soap opera to manage. Last summer, the Harry Kane saga had agitated Tottenham in private and in public. Finally, the English striker, courted by Manchester City, remained in London. A year later, the Spurs will have to manage the Heung-Min Son file. However, nothing seemed to indicate that the 29-year-old footballer would animate this transfer window. Author of a big season, he scored 24 goals and delivered 8 assists in 44 appearances in all competitions this season. He was also elected Golden Boot in the Premier League with Mohamed Salah.

In other words, he is an essential part of the team coached by Antonio Conte. A coach who counts on him. Ditto for his club which extended it last year until 2025. But Londoners will have to be wary. Indeed, the player’s father, Son Woong-jung, made a sensational media outing. Asked by the channel CGTN, he returned to his son’s season. His words are relayed by the DailyMail.

The player’s father invites him to change air

“He has to work harder and make more progress. If he is satisfied with what he has achieved now, the crisis is on the way. He always has to try to do better to stay at his best, don’t you think? Instead of being happy to stay where he is, I always want him to be 10% better (…) He has scored a lot of goals this year, but that does not mean he will do the same next year. Only those who stay ready can survive the difficulties. He must face everything with a cautious mind and cannot afford to be too proud.

Then the striker’s father clearly opened the door for a departure. “He must be able to play an important role in one of the best clubs in the world. It was then that he would become a world-class player. Like I said before, he needs to do 10% better on all fronts to achieve that goal.”. Statements that put pressure on his son but also on Tottenham, who will have to prepare for a new lively summer. The summers follow one another and look alike for the Spurs…

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