PSG: Jean-Claude Blanc explains the very good move Lionel Messi

Interviewed in the podcast of Alexandre Mars, the executive director of Paris Saint-Germain, Jean-Claude Blanc returned to the arrival of Lionel Messi in Paris last summer. The Parisian leader was pleased with this operation and the economic spin-offs that the signing of The Pulga on the club of the capital.

“It’s a very nice operation, a somewhat dazzling, fast operation, an opportunity, a door that opens. Barcelona who cannot sign with him, limited by his own league which puts constraints on him which he was convinced he could blow but who at the last moment does not jump, the player therefore becomes available and we are the fastest, the more relevant to moving forward on this file. In parallel with this, we immediately develop a commercial project around his arrival, how to generate additional income with a player who must deliver performances on the field but who is a world icon of football and who comes to integrate his own brand into the inside of this global brand that you are creating. And how do you fully “leverage” this opportunity? I think we’re quite skilful on the business part, brand development. We were very efficient in the operation”declared Jean-Claude Blanc according to remarks relayed by PSG Culture.

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