UEFA will organize a mini-Champions League in August

From 2024, UEFA will schedule an annual tournament which will take place in mid-August, before the start of the Champions League. Four top European clubs will face off, including the winner of the previous season.

UEFA no longer really knows what to find to bail out its coffers and make the broadcasters bank. At the same time as the overhaul of the Champions League, which is planned from the 2024-2025 season, UEFA is preparing to launch a small C1 which will take place in the summer, as revealed The Team, this Tuesday. A kind of opening tournament which will take place every year in mid-August, a few weeks before the start of the real Champions League.

This mini-competition will pit the winner of the previous season against three other high-performing teams. “Four matches (two semi-finals, a match for third place and a final)” are planned, as indicated in a document of the call for tenders sent to broadcasters for the period 2024-2027 revealed by the sports daily. These four matches between European football leaders would normally take place in the United States. It remains to know now the schedules of these posters…

The European Supercup maintained, C1 matches on Thursday

This new competition should not replace the European Supercup, a final which takes place at the start of the season between the winner of the Champions League and that of the Europa League. But this competition could evolve from 2024 and oppose the winner of the Europa League to that of the Europa League Conference. “The details of this Champions League opener will be confirmed by UEFA in due course”is it specified in the document.

In addition, UEFA would also have decided, for its new Big Ears Cup formula, to add programming on Thursdays, “to launch the first week of each edition of this new formula”. Several changes to deal with the threat of the Super League, although players and coaches will once again have to deal with this sequence of matches, in addition to an international calendar which is also expanding.

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