Amber Ray and ex BFF Phoina bury the hatchet

Socialite Amber Ray and beautypreneur Phoina Tosha aka Phoina have kissed and made up after months of beef.

In a recent interaction on Instagram, a fan asked Amber Ray to clarify the status of her relationship Phoina.

“You and Phoina are a perfect combo. Love you,” wrote the fan.

In response, Amber Ray, whose real name is Faith Makau, shocked her fans by responding in a positive manner, claiming to ‘miss’ the businesswoman, and asking her out on a wine date.

“I miss her too. Phoina collection, what do you think of a wine date and then Ibiza?” read her story update.

Just when it was least expected, Phoina also took to her Insta stories to re-post the tag and captioned it, “Miss you too my Kamba bae and yes to wine date then Ibiza why not,” accompanied by three red love heart emojis.

The possible reunion comes barely a year after they broke off their friendship abruptly and withheld the details as to what led to their initial fallout.

Phoina and Amber were constantly spotted spending a lot of time together sipping on wine and brunching, before they chose to go their separate ways.

The two called it quits on their friendship in 2021 following a vague misunderstanding.

Speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz, Amber shared,

“We are not friends and we are not hiding it. I still believe in BFFs because I still have friends I have known for very many years. Life has reasons, and people also have seasons in our lives. If it works well and good if it doesn’t sawa.”

Giving her side of the beef in an interview in a radio interview, Phoina said,

“We are all human beings, we are all working, Phoina beauty is about women, I’m here to do business, I don’t have any issue with anybody and that’s that.”

The breakup rumor gained momentum when Amber Ray resorted to using another makeup artiste, and then later the socialite and makeup artist unfollowed each other on social media.

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