Italy: Gianluigi Donnarumma has had another nightmare!

Last night, it was not just England who suffered a humiliation. Defeated 5 goals to 2 by Germany, Italy had an ordeal. And once again, his keeper bit the dust, guilty of a new clearance error.

Nations League League A Group 3 is a real spectacle. Nicknamed the group of death (Germany, Italy, England, Hungary), it still offered us an evening full of surprises. This morning, after four days, it is Hungary who are in the lead (7 points), thanks in particular to their resounding success in England (0-4). Just behind, Germany (6 anointed) and Italy (5 points). For the transalpine European champions, the Final Four remains accessible. But yesterday, they had a nightmarish evening, like Three Lions.

Led 5 goals to 0 in the 69th minute, Italy were humiliated, even if Gnonto and Bastoni “saved the honor” at the end of the match. 5-2, it’s a stain, just two weeks after the scathing 3-0 inflicted by Argentina in the Finalissima. A very complicated evening, especially for Gianluigi Donnarumma. While his Parisian competitor Keylor Navas was celebrating Costa Rica’s qualification for the World Cup, the Italian goalkeeper sank. Captain of the Nazionale, Donnarumma had harsh words when analyzing the meeting at the microphone of the RAI.

Donnarumma gets annoyed

“We are angry, there are no excuses. Now let’s go back to the locker room, look each other in the face and go back to prove that we are not the ones. Tonight, we missed everything, there was perhaps even a little fatigue after five games in twenty days at the end of the season, but we don’t want any excuses. We are truly sorry for the fans, for what they saw. It’s not good, we’ll analyze everything and start over. » But if Donnarumma had bad days, it’s also because of his mistake.

The former resident of AC Milan was indeed guilty of a new clearance error at the origin of the fifth German goal. Something to remind him of the demons of Madrid. Moreover, Donnarumma was a bit annoyed when the journalist from the RAI tried to remind him of his Madrid dumpling. ” My mistake ? We all made mistakes, I could have cleared the ball. After mistakes, we grow. Now let’s look at each other, rest and start over. Another mistake on my part? When did this happen the first time? After a foul against Real? If you want to make controversy… No problem, as captain, I assume and I advance with my head held high. » Vibe…

Journalist (@allatizianaRAI): “It’s not the first time you made mistakes like the one tonight”. #Donnarumma: “Do you mean the one with Real Madrid? It was foul. If you want to blame me, do it. I go ahead with my head held high”.

—Alex Milone (@AlexMilone) June 14, 2022

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