Belgium return Patrice Lumumba tooth, Twitter reacts

Belgium have returned Patrice Lumumba’s tooth to the family in the Democratic Republic of Congo, six decades after the assassination of the fallen independence hero.

The casket containing the tooth was set to be flown back to Congo where it will be officially laid to rest.

Additionally, DR Congo will observe a three day national mourning period as it marks 62 years of independence.

The gold-capped tooth is all that remained of Lumumba, the first prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

It was handed in a light blue case to a group of Lumumba’s family members at the Egmont Palace in Brussels, Belgium on Monday.

Lumumba, DR Congo’s former prime minister, was eliminated by the Belgium and his body reportedly dissolved in acid. The tooth is the only body part that survived.

by The short answer is that Lumumba was executed by a firing squad on January 17, 1961.

Following the procession, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) had this to say;

you wonder what they were doing with it!

— bbi NO❌ (@sirkushmwenyewe) June 21, 2022

That’s an insult to the family!!

— rohosafimesut (@rohosafimesut1) June 21, 2022

All this pomp and colour just for a tooth, the budget used for all this could have meant alot to his country

— john Bario (@BARIO_lenr) June 21, 2022

When do they start that serious conversation about reparations? https://t.co/GWNTwRvj6L

— Toruk Makto (@Ohdongo) June 22, 2022

We need to press for more of this, more apologies and compensations. Colonialism was cruel. Instead of embracing some of the old colonial norms, we need to bravely part away. Commonwealth is one of those… https://t.co/2WHu1HTBE2

— Kwizela Aristide Basebya (@AristidesKB) June 21, 2022

Let me get this right, so a tooth was carried in a casket? https://t.co/uwClnLhWAi

— George spiro Njata (@Spiro254) June 21, 2022

Patrice Lumumba’s tragic death is one of the saddest in post-independent Africa. His assassination was planned and executed by the Congolese, the Belgians, and the West. All in efforts to prevent the unification of the Congo, which was under exploitation. https://t.co/QNZ5qQQbFD

— monica nganga (@Mona_Nganga) June 22, 2022

All those countries MUST return all that they stole all over Africa.

— P a t t o h (@Makush_p) June 21, 2022

Pretended justice is the worst form of injustice. Shame to Belgium and shame to the United States of America for their henious role in the despicable political execution. The truth is always concealed by the darkest lies. #PatriceLumumba

— STABILOMIXX™ (@stabilomixx) June 21, 2022

Now Africa is under puppets.African men have become so docile and that’s why they are dominated by other men! I wonder if we have men in Africa? Men who are ready to protect the continent and its people. African men reputation on the leadership is embarrassing!@_AfricanUnion

— RaySun (@RaySun38446233) June 21, 2022

Now they should return all looted wealth as well, reparation time! What a bunch of loonies!

— Patowuodugenya (@Patowuodugenya1) June 22, 2022

Lumumba was an African nationalist and Pan-Africanist who he played a significant role in the transformation of the Congo from a colony of Belgium into an independent republic.

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