Police arrest 128 ‘Confirmed’ gang members in Nakuru

Police in Nakuru have arrested 128 suspects in the ongoing crackdown on the notorious Confirmed criminal gang. 

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Maalim Mohamed said various leaders have also recorded statements over their alleged link to the criminal outfit.

“Investigations are ongoing and we will ensure they are arraigned in court,” Maalim told the press in Nakuru.

Five women have been killed within Nakuru’s Mawanga area in the past two weeks.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i on Saturday ordered a sting operation to flush out members of the notorious criminal gang from Nakuru. 

The ragtag gang has been orchestrating a spate of armed robberies in the Rift Valley capital including wanton killings.

The group uses crude weapons including machetes, clubs, swords and metal rods to execute their criminal acts.

“Anyone who will be found armed with any of these items will be considered to be armed with an AK 47 rifle. There will be no difference between you and members of this group,” Maalim warned the public.

“If we find you, you know the outcome and this is our message to these criminal gangs,” he added.

Maalim said as at now, 108 cases have been reported linked to the criminal gangs.

He said among the exhibits recovered from the arrested suspects include mobile phones, sims cards among other items.

“We have 406 phones, 40 laptops, 62 knives, six swords, 15 machetes over 100 kgs of bhang and 3,367 rolls of hard drugs including heroine,” Maalim said.

The commissioner said they have also impounded ten stolen motorcycles in the operation but no one has come forward to claim them. 

“We will seek a court order to destroy the items because we don’t want them back into the hands of citizens but the motorcycles will be forfeited for public use or auctioned to raise public revenue,” Maalim said.

He said they have mapped out hotpot areas with a high presence of the gang where authorities will focus their operations.

“And it’s not a matter of two of three days. It’s a job that will last forever to ensure the lives of residents of this area are protected.”

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