Senator requirements in Kenya 2022 today PDF

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A PDF list of the requirements to become or vie for a senator in Kenya in 2022 today.

Senator requirements in Kenya 2022 today PDF.

Most Kenyans are curious to know what are the requirements to vie for a senator in Kenya. Today, we shall share with you a PDF list of all the requirements to become a senator in Kenya in 2022.

This follows the unrest after the case of Johnson Sakaja education qualifications. Born on the 2nd of February 1985, Johnson Sakaja is currently the youngest senator in Kenya.

Before we go further, it’s good to know that the function of the Senate in Kenya is to protect the interests of counties and their governments.

How are senators nominated in Kenya?

In Kenya, senators are elected in their respective counties. In addition, 16 female senators are nominated by their political parties in the Kenya Senate elections. 2 to represent the youth and persons with disabilities respectively.

Here is a PDF list of all the requirements to vie for a senator seat in Kenya in 2022 today.

Senator requirements in Kenya 2022

  1. Must have been a Kenyan citizen for at least 10 years before the election.
  2. Must have a degree from a university recognized in Kenya.
  3. He or she must not owe allegiance to a foreign state.
  4. Must be a registered Kenyan voter.
  5. Must not be a person of unsound mind.
  6. Should be a political party nominee or an independent candidate.
  7. Must not be bankrupt.
  8. He or she must meet the statutory moral and ethical requirements under the Leadership and Integrity Act.
  9. Must not be a public officer or acting in any state or public office other than a Member of Parliament.
  10. Must not hold dual citizenship unless citizenship of the other country has been obtained by operation of law without the capacity to opt-out.
  11. He/she must not be subject to a sentence of detention of at least six months from the date of registration of candidates or the date of elections.
  12. Must not have been found to have abused or misused state or public office or contravened chapter six of the constitution. And lastly,
  13. Must not have been dismissed or removed from public office for contravening the provisions of Articles 75, 76, 77, and 78 of the constitution.

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