African women should continue to fight for liberation, lobby urges

Coumba Toure, a coordinator at Africans Rising said that solidarity includes giving to the many movements working for liberation in Africa.

“Giving to our movements and being in solidarity with each other is very vital and that is why this dialogue today was also a fundraising event because we want to make sure that it is African people who give to other Africans and African movements,” she said.

Toure said that their biggest goal is to get at least one Million Africans who are able to give at least one dollar a month for movements to fight for change, dignity and peace in Africa.

She said that women’s roles in liberation movements are vast and varying, from mobilising at the grassroots to fighting in leadership positions and their impact needs to be recognised.

“Women in the grassroots are actually doing a lot of organising all on their own, fighting for peace, justice and dignity at that level. As Africans rising, our job is to listen to them and give them visibility so all of Africa knows what they are doing and support them any way we can,” she said.

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