GoK Sets August 6 as Deadline for Importing Maize under New Tax Waivers

The government of Kenya has placed 6th August 2022 as the deadline for importing maize by all those interested, while the recently announced tax waivers are still in place.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya said the tax waivers on maize imports will ensure there is enough maize supply in the country lowering the cost of flour production.

Some of the provisions of the guidelines importers should adhere to suggest that maize shall not be genetically modified in accordance with the laws of Kenya and Kenyan standards implemented by the National Biosafety Authority and Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Another provision is the imported maize shall have moisture content not exceeding 13.5%.

Further, aflatoxin levels in each consignment of maize should not exceed ten parts per billion as provided for under the laws of Kenya implemented by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and the Department of Public Health of the Ministry of Health.

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