I used to make Sh5,000 in a day at UoN

Just hours after Senator Johnson Sakaja said he dropped his studies at the University of Nairobi due to lack of fees, the Star has established that the governor hopeful, in 2021, said he used to make a fortune in the same institution.

In an interview with Churchill show in June last year, Sakaja said he used to run a number of businesses in UoN that earned him at least Sh5,000 per day.

“While in campus, I had to pay my fees. So I had businesses, I had a salon, a laundry, kinyozi, I had employed some guys. I used to cook and wash people’s clothes. But at the end of the day, I had around Sh5,000,” he said.

In the same interview, Sakaja revealed that he bought his first car, a Mercedes Benz, while in university. The Car cost him Sh500,000.

On Friday, while speaking to Spice FM, Sakaja confessed that he could not finish his UoN studies due to a lack of school fees.

“There is a document being shared that shows it was the issue of fees. There were a few units I did not complete but the ceremony of graduation is not what confers the knowledge to you,” he said.

The Senator said he felt too embarrassed and shy to go back to class after he was able to raise fees for his studies.

He, however, divulged that he plans to go back to UoNand finish his studies soon.

“But that is something I can go back and finish—about two or three units. There is no law that says you must bring a degree from UoN,” he said.

Sakaja is currently facing allegations of academic documents forgery after the Commission for University Education revoked his Teams University (Uganda) degree, for the second time.

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