Wajackoyah’s UK citizenship status questioned

Former presidential aspirant Peter Gichira has written to the British High Commission, regarding the status of the UK citizenship of presidential candidate George Wajackoyah.

In a letter seen by the Star on Monday, Gichira through his lawyers questioned whether Wajackoyah had renounced his rights as a British citizen, making him eligible to vie in Kenya.

“We write on behalf of our client to get clear clarification on whether the above-named candidate is a British Citizen, and if so, has he renounced such citizenship rights?” Gachie Mwanza asked.

On many occasions, the Roots’ leader has claimed that he vied for the Tottenham parliamentary seat, but was disqualified for not being married.

Mwanza pointed out that according to British law, Wajackoyah vying meant he was either a citizen of the UK or Ireland or a citizen of a Commonwealth country.

Mwanza added that according to Kenyan law, only citizens of the country are eligible to vie for the State Office.

He added that Article 78 (1) of Citizenship and Leadership states that a State Officer or a member of the defence forces should not hold dual citizenship.

The Article further says the aforementioned clauses do not apply to any person who has been made a citizen of another country by operation of that country’s law without the ability to opt out.

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