Christophe Galtier issues a warning to the stars of PSG!

Officially presented as the new Rouge et Bleu coach, Christophe Galtier immediately sent a message to his new players. This season, no one will be above the group.

Christophe Galtier is therefore the new coach of Paris Saint-Germain. Expected at the turn by all observers, the former Nice coach did not delay in getting his messages across during his presentation press conference. The one we nicknamed “cake” has a watchword: the union of the group. “To tell you that I am moved, yes. How proud I am, yes. I arrived 45 minutes ago here at the Parc and the Parc is the symbol of French football. There is a sentence: “Here it is Paris”. When you are faced with this sentence, you feel the expectations on the part of specialists and supporters. Obviously, we will all have to work together in the right direction to make people happy. I measure the responsibility given to me for PSG to have a great season. I prepared for it. If I accepted this position, it is because I am capable of it. But alone, it’s very difficult, together we are much stronger. »

A not insignificant choice vis-à-vis a team where individualities have often undermined the Parisian group. On paper, PSG may have unrivaled star concentration. Not enough, however, to win a Champions League, a competition during which the collective has often been absent subscribers. By inducting Galtier, the champions of France have made a bet since their new strong man has never led such a prestigious workforce. But beware. This time the situation is different. If the club’s previous coaches have often had to face this situation alone, Galtier will have the support of his leaders and especially Luis Campos. Moreover, the technician champion of France 2021 sent a very clear message to his stars.

“No player will be above the group”

“Of course this question arises. But above all, these are players who want to win, play, have fun. I will talk a lot with all the players. I have met locker rooms where there were a lot of egos. It’s a privilege to have this world-class squad. The first thing is to exchange, but also to impose, there will be no compromise on what the strength of the group should be. We must have a common project, without any compromise. I’m not going to revolutionize the locker room, I’m going to listen, observe. I know that I will have the support of management, I know that I will have the support of everyone. From the moment a player is not in the project, he will be sidelined.he said, before concluding.

“It is always important to have the backing and support of its president. The way to work with Luis (Campos) is that there is no compromise. The team above all else. As in any group, there will sometimes be a few shortcomings, but we will make sure that there are as few as possible. Make sure there is no player above the team. To ensure that this sum of talents becomes a great team with great strength. I am determined to make this team very united, demanding, determined to have the greatest season possible. If unfortunately there are players who come out of this framework, they will be dismissed. How? This will be done internally. No player will be above the group. » It is said !

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