Singer Vivian Wambui fuels separation rumours

Although this is the first time in a while that singer Vivian Wambui has posted a photo of her partner Sam West, her fans are still not yet convinced that all is well between the two.

Vivian shared a photo of Sam with a sweet message appreciating him for his love and support.

But she ends the message by telling her fans to say hi to him, giving the impression that she is no longer together with Sam.

“I do not have much to say,” she wrote in a message on Instagram.

“Simply speaking more blessings over Mr. West who is very dear to me. And who I’m so blessed to know. We’ve walked together in great and not-so-great seasons but God’s love continues to sustain both of us 😊🙏. Say hi to him.”

The Charm hitmaker, in an online interview, downplayed rumours she’d been dumped by Sam.

She alleged that people are fond of making up stories that are not backed up by facts.

“Let’s all learn to be authentic. I know many fear rejection but deceit is equally bad. We all need more empathy and compassion,” said the singer in a past interview.

Vivian and her fiancée celebrated their ruracio (traditional wedding) in 2018 in a colorful ceremony, and shortly after, the singer started sharing with her online fans how marriages do require a lot of work.

A few months ago, Vivian raised more concerns after saying that she is struggling with undisclosed issues.

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