Owago Onyiro: How US Doctors Saved My Life in Near Death Experience

  • Former Churchill show comedian, Owago Nyiro, has opened up on how doctors in the US saved his life after passing out for nearly four hours.

    Owago, who started as a lecturer before venturing into comedy, detailed that he developed a respiratory condition after travelling to the US.

    The condition kept him bedridden for four days before being admitted to a hospital in the US. 

    Speaking to Standard Digital, the comedian added that the condition worsened and he passed out for hours before the American medics saved his life.

    Comedian Owago Nyiro surrounded by doctors in the US on Wednesday August 3, 2022

    Comedian Owago Nyiro surrounded by doctors in the US on Wednesday, August 3, 2022


    Owago Nyiro

    Owago further allayed any fears about his health maintaining that he had fully recovered.

    “It has been hectic for me the past four days. Fainted and passed out for almost 4 hours. Saw real death and came back,” Owago explained.

    “Trust me, I am not dying anytime soon again in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for making me live again. I cheated death on this fateful day. Thank you Lord once again for saving my life.”

    The comedian, who also boasts of cooking skills, did not disclose the ailment.

    “They have done several tests so we will find out the root cause of the matter in four days,” Owago, who had travelled to the US for an unknown mission, stated.

    Daniel Ndambuki, famously known as Churchill, shaped Owago’s comedy career. Before venturing into comedy, he lectured Bachelor of Arts classes at a private university in the country.

    “I lectured for one and a half years. It is not a tough job, you engage the students and have fun,” Owago stated in a past interview with

    He, however, quit teaching to focus on comedy after landing a full-time opportunity at Churchill show.

    “I found it hard to balance teaching and comedy, and I decided to focus on comedy. 

    “I would love to go back to teaching one day, as that is a part of my life. Possession of education credentials is one important thing in this world. They come in handy at every juncture despite someone focusing entirely on something different,” Owago remarked.

    Comedian Owago Onyiro

    Comedian Owago Onyiro



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