DPO’s Mobile App Now Supports Payment Wallets Such as M-PESA

In a major move towards further digitizing the banking sector in Pakistan, DPO Group, one of the country’s top payment solutions providers, has announced that its mobile app now officially supports payment wallets such as M-PESA. This new feature will enable users to make payments directly from their M-PESA account without having to enter any account details.

M-PESA, a mobile payments option based in Kenya, has quickly gained massive popularity in many parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. DPO Group’s integration of its mobile app with M-PESA will make it easier for customers to transact online, as they can now simply select M-PESA as a payment option and make their payment in a matter of seconds. This new feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

Furthermore, the integration of M-PESA into the DPO mobile app provides customers with the ability to store their M-PESA account details securely within the app. This means customers no longer have to transfer money manually each time they want to use the app, as the simplified and secure process can now be completed within minutes.

Apart from M-PESA, the DPO mobile app also supports other payment wallets, such as Paypal and Google Pay. This makes it even easier for customers to make payments directly from their accounts in a safe and secure environment.

Furthermore, this integration has opened the door to numerous new opportunities for customers, as they can now access M-PESA’s world-class services without having to physically move their funds from one account to another. This means customers can easily transact with merchants based in any part of the world from the comfort of their own homes.

Overall, DPO Group’s integration of M-PESA into its mobile app is a major step forward for the Pakistani fintech industry, as it will enable customers to carry out online transactions easily, securely, and quickly. It is surely a move that will make banking easier and more accessible for customers in the country.

Jay Ndungu

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