How to Claim Taxes Paid by Mistake Using KRA New Feature

  • The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has added a new feature on the iTax platform that enables Kenyans to easily claim refunds of taxes paid by mistake. 

    Reports indicated that a new sub-menu has been created under the refunds menu for taxes paid in error. 

    The move was enacted through National Treasury’s Finance Act 2022. Through the platform, a taxpayer can submit an application for a refund which will then be subjected to an approval process within the iTax refunds module. 

    The process to file returns on the KRA iTax portal.

    The log-in page of KRA’s iTax portal.

    “The first phase of this delivery targets whose respective credit has not been reflected in the iTax ledger but the taxpayer has evidence of payments made. 

    “The system will allow taxpayers to submit an application for a refund of the tax paid in error for major tax heads (VAT, income tax, turnover tax, withholding tax etc) which will then be subjected to an approval process within the iTax refunds module, ” KRA stated.

    The tax Authority also allows the taxpayer to apply for an offset on overpaid taxes. This, however, applies to future instalment tax payments. 

    “When a taxpayer files their income tax return and they have excess instalment tax payments, the system will generate an instalment adjustment voucher (IAV). 

    “The system will subsequently allow taxpayers to capture the IAV when making their next instalment tax payment and therefore be able to offset it against instalment taxes payable for the affected period,” read part of the statement. 

    How to Apply

    Application for a tax refund claim is made online on itax(dot)kra(dot)go(dot)ke

    Key in your User ID, password and security stamp query. Click login

    Head over to the Refund tab and click on Refund on Tax Paid in Error. 

    You are required to key in the basic details including applicant type, taxpayer pin, bank name, branch name, account number and name, and the city you’re located in. 

    On the claim details section, select the tax obligation and reason, upload the document providing requisite evidence and indicate the period of which the taxes were paid by mistake. 

    Enter the refund claim amount. 

    Click submit. 

    Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner General Githii Mburu speaks during the Annual Summit on Thursday, October 13, 2021.

    Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Commissioner-General Githii Mburu speaks during the Annual Summit on Thursday, October 13, 2021.


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