Police Officer Arrested After Robbing Student

  • A cop is cooling his heels in custody at Machakos Police station after he attacked a student and robbed him of a mobile phone and other valuables. 

    According to a statement by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), the incident happened on Sunday, December 4, in Machakos. 

    The statement by the DCI indicated that the police officer was working with an accomplice who was also arrested.

    An Image of a police station.

    An Image of a police station.

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    Detailing the incident, the DCI revealed through the statement that the two accosted two Machakos University students as they headed to their rented quarters on a bicycle. 

    “The duo who were on a motorbike registration number KMTE 33W had flagged down the students in the wee hours of the morning,” the statement by the DCI read in part. 

    After the students stopped, the officer, reportedly with his accomplice descended on one of them with resounding slaps as they ransacked his pockets. 

    “His roommate however managed to escape the attack narrowly and took flight screaming, attracting neighbors who also happened to be students from the university,” the statement continued. 

    Machakos University students swiftly responded to the distress call of their comrade and rescued him from the wrath of the officer and his accomplice. 

    The officer’s attempts at fleeing the scene having handed back the stolen phone were fruitless after his colleagues from Machakos police station arrived and arrested him together with his accomplice. 

    They were whisked away from the students and taken to Machakos police station pending arraignment in court. 

    Machakos University students later engaged police in running battles as they went on strike protesting insecurity in the area following the incident. 

    The two are expected to face robbery with violence charges.

    Police Car

    Police officer disembarking from a vehicle.


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