Ruto Asked to Trim NTSA Powers After Driving Licence Blunder

  • Transport stakeholders have mounted pressure on the government to strip the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) of its power to issue driving licenses. 

    Speaking in a transport stakeholder forum, Matatu Owners Association (MOA) chairman, Simon Kimutai faulted NTSA for issuing driving licenses to PSVs that don’t meet the threshold and hence leading to the recent spate of road accidents. 

    The stakeholders sought the service to be transferred to the National Youth Service (NYS). 

    Photo collage between police officers controlling traffic flow and an error captured on NTSA portal on Friday December 2, 2022

    Photo collage between police officers controlling traffic flow and an error captured on the NTSA portal on Friday, December 2, 2022.


    “We all know that the NYS is famous for producing the most qualified drivers due to having a capability of testing and classifying the drivers,” he stated. 

    The association pointed an accusing finger at NTSA, noting that they ought to be faulted for the reckless driving witnessed across the country. 

    Kimutai also blamed a section of private car owners for resulting to work in the public transportation sector without proper training and certification. 

    “We have no shortcut on this and it is high time the government is keen on those who own private cars but have resulted in using the vehicles as matatus plying various routes. This is really wrong and should be checked on,” Kimutai noted. 

    His sentiments were echoed by Edward Gitonga, the chairperson of Speed Governors and Road Safety Association, who called for the stakeholders to maintain speed limits while on the road. 

    “Since the commission of speed governors in 2004, our business was taken up by brokers for around 4 years. They could sell our certificates. I conceived that we needed to come together and solve this. 

    “Whoever has embraced the limiting of speed, you know that you’re not in a lot of trouble. It is our observation that all vehicles that cause crashes and fatalities are always speeding. Let’s agree that limiting the speed of our vehicles is very key,” he pointed out. 

    On the other hand,  David Kiarie, the Road Safety Association of Kenya chairperson, urged the government to ensure proper training of PSV drivers. He added that the speed governors association ought to give free clinic sessions for monitoring and replacement of speed governors. 

    “We need to have proper training of PSV drivers and our government should help us on this because if you buy a matatu, somebody will bring a license and you will employ that person who may crash your vehicle. 

    “We agreed with the speed governors association to give free clinics during this season and that is where we have a free recall system. Make sure your vehicle is checked, you should not be charged even Ksh1. Let’s save our people’s lives on the road,” he pointed out.

    A police officer engages a motorist during the NTSA crackdown on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

    A police officer engages a motorist during the NTSA crackdown on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.


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