DCI Leaves Cops of Disbanded SSU Unit Hanging After Deployment

  • The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Amin Mohamed on Tuesday, December 6, ordered 60 officers from the disbanded Special Special Services Unit (SSU) to report to new workstations.

    According to the new directive, the 60 investigators have been redeployed to various Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices across the country.

    While confirming the redeployment, the National Police Service Communication office noted that it is within the DCI boss’s responsibility to reorganize his team.

    “The officers will get new responsibilities as will be directed by their seniors in the ranks,” a communique read from the National Police Service.

    DCI Boss Mohamed Amin

    DCI Boss Mohamed Amin

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    In a memo released on Monday, December 5, 2022, Amin also transferred six other officers to different duty stations.

    Furthermore, the DCI boss has ordered Senior Police Officers to ensure that the former SSU investigators are assigned new roles as per their current ranks.

    He also ordered Regional Criminal Investigation Officers (RCIO), County Criminal Investigation Officers (CCIO), and Operations and Logistics Directors to take records of the officers who are expected to settle in new places of work by December 13.

    “Ensure proper handing/taking over is done and the officers are to report to their new stations. Confirm departure and arrival,” Amin ordered.

    Amin also released the names of the sixty officers who have been re-designated to various parts of the country.

    The Special Service Unit was disbanded on Monday, October 17, 202, after an investigation report on the disappearance of two Indian nationals and their local taxi driver indicted the officers.

    President William Ruto revealed that he pushed for the changes as he sought to overhaul the management of security in the country.

    So far, a number of former SSU officers have been arrested and prosecuted for criminal activities.

    Officers of the defunct SSU unit in Kiambu court on November 10, 2022.

    Officers of the defunct SSU unit in Kiambu court on November 10, 2022.



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