KeNIA and Partners to Showcase Agritech, Clean Energy Solutions At the Kenya Innovation Week

Kenya is set to take part in a scheduled Innovation Week which ran through October 5-9th. The event will feature a number of sectors and sub-sectors, but a major focus is expected to be on agritech and clean energy solutions, which is set to have private sector and government representatives showcasing their respective offerings.

This is a special week celebrating the country’s innovative scene and its remarkable exploits in advancing technology-enabled solutions in various fields. This year, the Kenyan government and partners will be looking to use the week as a platform for advancing agritech and clean energy solutions for the nation.

The week will see private sector and government representatives showcase their respective offerings in the clean energy and agritech sectors with a focus on how innovations can contribute to sound economic growth. Participants from across various industries will also be present, particularly from the energy, transport, health and telecom sectors.

KeNIA, the official body of the Kenyan agritech working group, has organized the week’s activities and will be a core player. It will also be spearheading the showcasing of innovative agritech and clean energy solutions.

The Kenya Innovation Week will provide a platform to share ideas and promote best practices among local and international participants. Highlights of the week-long event include a technology expo, keynote speeches, panel discussions focusing on emerging trends and dynamics in agritech and clean energy sectors, alongside a discussion of the broader drivers and technology changes in the area.

The event will also provide a platform to share KeNIA’s mission and vision, and to hear from international experts, policymakers and researchers. It is expected that participants will form a network to harness collaborations and create a database for shared findings and insights.

This is an exciting opportunity for Kenya to further engage with the international community and to benefit from the latest developments in the agritech and clean energy sectors. Through the event, KeNIA and its partners will be able to attract more investors, promote more innovations and introduce more job opportunities. It is a great platform to highlight the Government of Kenya’s commitment to making Kenya a modern and vibrant economy while at the same time addressing the concern of meeting the country’s ambitious energy targets.

Jay Ndungu

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