Police Take Action After Viral Video of Cop Ransacking Bags During KCSE Exams

  • A police officer was on Monday, December 5, recorded by a Closed-circuit television (CCTV) while seemingly ransacking his victims’ bags during Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE).

    In the video that has since gone viral, the officer is seen entering the classroom, then immediately begins ransacking the bags that were left on the bench.

    The National Police Service has since responded to the matter, noting that appropriate action has been taken to establish the facts around the issue.

    A collage photo of National Police Service Spokesperson in her first day in office on November 7, 2022.

    A collage photo of the National Police Service Spokesperson Dr Resila Onyango on her first day in office on November 7, 2022.


    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Police Spokesperson Dr. Resila Atieno Onyango confirmed that the service is aware of the matter.

    “Necessary processes are indeed underway to ensure that justice is served,” Resila confirmed.

    While donning an Administration Police uniform, the officer on the video is seen armed with a rifle at the time and taking his time without any sign of hurry.

    “The matter is before internal disciplinary mechanisms by the Administration Police Service since it appears that the officer is from the AP wing,” Resila revealed.

    According to the Police Service, the supposed disciplinary process begins with the identification of the suspect and his victim.

    Both the suspect’s written statement and the victim’s testimony will be captured in a police report on the incident.

    In addition to that, the two parties will be allowed to present their case before a disciplinary committee within the force. 

    “It is during the disciplinary hearing when it will be established whether the officer committed a crime or not,” the Police Spokesperson underscored.

    Police hearings do take considerably shorter periods since there are no complications.

    In such a case, both the victims and the suspect are allowed to procure the services of a Lawyer.

    Several Police Officers are currently undergoing prosecution proceedings either before tribunals or courts of law.

    A file photo of police officers at a past operation

    A file photo of police officers at a past operation


    armed suspect armed

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