Story of Entrepreneur Turning Goat Milk Into Anti-Aging Soap

  • A business venture in Embu county known as Katya Naturals under Cleo Nature limited  is making waves in the cosmetic industry in Kenya with its natural beauty products made of goat milk among other natural products.

    According to Kombo Nyaga, the managing director, the venture began with a group of friends on the balcony with pans of oils melting a cap.

    Notably, in the initial stage, small batches were produced for private use by family and friends who faced the challenge of eczema and dry skin conditions.

    “We had a lot of marketing and education to sway people to try and use beauty products made of goat milk,” he explained.

    Kombo Nyaga (left) at Katya Naturals in Embu county alongside an employee

    Kombo Nyaga (left) at Katya Naturals in Embu county alongside an employee


    Katya Naturals

    The venture that began in 2017 had grown and offers a wide variety of skincare and hair products.

    Speaking to Inooro TV on Monday December 5, Nyaga explained goat milk has lactic acid which when applied on the skin helps remove dead skin cells, making the skin very smooth, and also moisturizes the skin.

    “We sell the soap even at both wholesale and retail. Some of our products are available in chemists and cosmetics shops,”

    “Our customers are responsive, they love the product. With our products, your skin does not dry up after taking a shower,” Nyaga stated.

    According to the entrepreneur, he had to pay Ksh30,000 to acquire a business license. He also noted that goat milk is sourced from local farmers in Embu at Ksh100 per litre.

    Nyaga also uses castor oil, coconut oil, neem extract, and turmeric among other natural ingredients to make the soaps.

    “We work closely with skin experts and dermatologists to guarantee our customers of quality products. With the age of the internet, we are able to access the global market,” Nyaga remarked.

    Notably, in the soap making process, the goat milk is frozen before it is mixed with another ingredients using a wooden spoon. Also, zero heat is applied to ensure the soap maintains the vitamins.

    “We pride ourselves in pioneering the production of consistent quality 100 per cent natural hair, skin, and beauty products in Kenya,” read part on the company’s website.

    In a past interview, Nyaga urged the county government to harmonise business licenses to cushion small businesses from the burden of numerous licenses.

    Customers can access their products from as low as Ksh240.

    Workers at Katya naturals in Embu county

    Workers at Katya naturals in Embu county


    Katya Naturals


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