Wema Sepetu is a good example of why women should not put off having kids for their career

No. Wema Sepetu is not a good example. Everyone needs to make their own decision regarding when to have kids, and it should be an individual decision, not based off of someone else’s example. There are a variety of factors which might influence this decision and each person needs to take those into consideration when making their own decision.

No, Wema Sepetu is not a good example of why women should not put off having kids for their career. While some women may choose to have children at an earlier age than others, the decision to have children should be based solely on a woman’s own life circumstances and preferences, rather than on the example of another individual. Furthermore, women should not be discouraged from pursuing their career ambitions; position and power can help create change and pave the way for a better future, and should be actively sought out.

Jay Ndungu

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