Azimio Spells Out 9 Demands to Ruto in Raila's First Protest Rally

  • It was more of a declaration party as Azimio La Umoja Leader Raila Odinga rallied his troops on Wednesday, December 7, to a meeting at Kamukunji Grounds in Kibra.

    The event was no more than a campaign rally at the final public event, in which Leader of the Minority in the National Assembly Opiyo Wandayi read out what he termed as ‘The Kamukunji Declaration’.

    In the declaration, Opiyo outlined a nine-point agenda that the Azimio La Umoja brigade will push, in what appeared to be an anti-Ruto agenda.

    Azimio Coalition Party leader Raila Odinga during a past political rally

    Azimio Coalition Party leader Raila Odinga during a past political rally


    1. Pressure on Ruto’s Regime

    Azimio La Umoja resolved to put President William Ruto’s government under intense pressure to fulfil the promises that he made on his campaign trail. 

    2. Cost of Living

    The Azimio coalition resolved to place President Ruto under immense pressure in order to force him to reduce the cost of basic comedies, beginning January 2023.

    3.  School Fee Subsidy

    Raila and his team also resolved to force Kenya Kwanza to restore school fee subsidies that were established by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    4. Cash Transfer

    Azimio, resolved to force President Ruto to restore the cash transfer program, commonly known as Pesa ya Wazee.

    The Older Persons Cash Transfer Program (OPCT) was an an empowerment initiative under the Department of Social Development.

    This initiative was meant to serve the non-pensionable and aged Kenyans who are not formally employed but growing in age.

    5. Order in the Ranks

    The opposition wing agreed to ensure that President Ruto brings order within this government, especially the Cabinet.

    The coalition faulted Ruto for allowing members of his cabinet to give road-side declarations, some of which are illegal.

    “These Cabinet Secretaries have been making dangerous orders that are completely illegal,” Wandayi noted.

    6. IEBC Commissioners

    In its first protest rally, Azimio resolved to put President Ruto under immense pressure to ensure that the Rule of Law prevails in the reconstitution of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

    7. Civil Service Outlook

    The coalition resolved to ensure that Ruto restructures his government to have a national outlook.

    Azimio La Umoja claimed that the civil service was skewed and does not reflect the diversity of the country.

    8. Kazi Mtaani

    Azimio La Umoja resolved to mount pressure on Ruto to restore the defunct Kazi Mtaani Project.

    The Kazi Mtaani Project was abolished by Ruto’s administration after an assessment report.

    9. The People’s Dialogue

    In the statement that was read by Wandayi, Azimio La Umoja resolved to continue with the people’s dialogue across the country.

    The coalition also invited their supporters for another political rally at Jacaranda Grounds on December 12, 2022.

    The coalition’s leadership used the moment to rally the country by painting a conciliatory picture of a more hopeful, peaceful and prosperous future for all.

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga greets President William Ruto during the funeral of musician Joseph Kamaru in October 2018.

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga greets President William Ruto during the funeral of musician Joseph Kamaru in October 2018.



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