Govt to Revamp Company Behind Kenya’s First Locally-Made Car

  • Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria on Wednesday, December 7, appealed for help from the Japanese Government towards plans of revamping the Numerical Machining Complex (NMC) in Nairobi. 

    NMC is a public company that specializes in engineering, and the manufacture of machinery and components. It was incorporated to help the nation realize innovation goals in the engineering sector. 

    Kuria announced plans to scale up the capacity of the company after meeting Japan’s Ambassador to Kenya, Okaniwa Ken, at the ministry’s headquarters in a meeting that bordered on Kenya’s trade ties with Tokyo. 

    Trade and Investment CS Moses Kuria (right) and Japan's Ambassador to Kenya Okaniwa exchange pleasantries aftyer a meeting held on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

    Trade and Investment CS Moses Kuria (right) and Japan’s Ambassador to Kenya Okaniwa exchange pleasantries after a meeting held on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

    Moses Kuria

    According to Kuria, the government aims at revamping the company to make it the biggest engineering firm in Kenya. 

    The company will, according to the CS, create employment opportunities for over one million Kenyans with a target of over 2,000 small and micro enterprises (SMEs).  

    I have also requested the Japanese government to support the Numerical Machining Complex which seeks to be the biggest engineering company in Kenya and targets 2000 SMEs. This in turn will create job opportunities for millions of Kenyans.” 

    Since its inception in 1994, NMC has had several innovations and landmark projects to its name including Kenya’s first locally manufactured vehicle named Nyayo 1. 

    The company is also credited for its prowess in manufacturing water pumps, helical gears, brick-makers, automotive products, and shafts using locally available human resources.

    Besides the fabrication works, NMC is also known for its competencies in milling, boring, design and turning. It has also established itself as a technical innovation hub through its projects aimed at developing engineering in the country. 

    If actualized, the NMC plan will add to the list of Kenya Kwanza’s ambition of spurring innovation and manufacturing in the country.

    President William Ruto’s government pronounced its intention to ensure the growth of local industries since its inauguration. 

    The Kenya Kwanza administration highlighted several targets it seeks to achieve including manufacturing smartphones in the country. 

    On Tuesday, December 6, President Ruto announced that all public holidays will henceforth align with themes including technology and innovation. Ruto announced that 2022’s edition of the Jamhuri Day celebrations would be used to celebrate technological innovation in the country in a bid to promote the art. 

    Nyayo Pioneer 1

    The Nyayo Pioneer One at Kasarani stadium in 1991.


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