Top Nation Media Boss Exits After 23 Years With 8600-Worded Farewell Letter 

  • Immediate former Nation Media Group (NMG) editorial director, Matuma Mathiu, announced his exit after 23 years.

    In an 8654-worded letter to his colleagues, Mathiu, on Tuesday, December 6, intimated that he parted ways with the station the day before.

    He thanked his colleagues for the support they accorded him as their boss and further acknowledged the immense talent at the institution.

    “I thought I should also let you know that being your editor has been the singular honour of my life. The passions we have shared, and the causes we have fought jointly have added a great sense of fulfilment to my professional life. 

    Nation Media Group building located at Kimathi Street in Nairobi CBD

    Nation Media Group building located at Kimathi Street in Nairobi CBD


    “I love you all. I believe you can’t lead people if you don’t care for them and I admire and respect the work you do, the miracles you conjure daily,” read the letter in part.

    Additionally, he noted his achievements while serving in the management with the rolling out of Nation Africa – as one of the pilot projects undertaken during his tenure. 

    “Our prototype won accolades worldwide, and we learnt such tremendous lessons that I believe Nation Africa is the Rosetta Stone of digital transformation in Africa. 

    “The lessons we have collected, not least the fact that consumers were willing to pay Ksh36 million for content,’ he stated.

    Further, Mathiu, replaced by Joe Ageyo as the editorial director on November 4, urged his colleagues to embrace the changing media space.

    He asserted that digital media was the future, adding that journalists needed to adapt to the change.

    “Technology’s effective application requires a workplace revolution, an overhaul in work organisation and a completely new mindset. That is why the newsroom workflows are now undergoing change,” the media veteran added. 

    Mathiu quit NMG weeks after the media outlet reshuffled its senior management team, which saw him leave the top management post.

    He was named consulting editor, a position he held for nearly a month.

    Following his exit, Mathiu joined a list of notable journalists that left the station based at Kimathi Street, with Mark Masai and renowned investigative journalist Dennis Okari leading the line. 


    Dennis Okari with Olive Burrows in NTV studio based in Nairobi CBD.


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