TV show explores extravagant Ghanaian funeral traditions



A new television series is exploring Ghanaian funeral traditions made popular by social media and watched by millions across the world.

“My Perfect Funeral” will premiere on December 8, on Showmax, featuring Ghana’s extravagant funerals.

Ghanaian funerals are known for their elaborate celebration of life through chance, and fantasy coffins in ceremonies as flamboyant as the families’ budgets allow for what is considered a proper send-off.

”My Perfect Funeral” is a 10-part reality docuseries that follows five families as they prepare to bury their loved ones. Each episode will show the different stages of the funeral arrangements and will also feature “point of views” and confessional sessions from key family members.

Four months planning

On average, it takes three to four months to plan and execute a funeral in Ghana and ”My Perfect Funeral” will follow the five families through every stage.


“Even though funerals are a sad and morbid experience, African families, and Ghanaians in particular, go the extra mile to make sure this occasion is done perfectly and, in some cases, flamboyantly and without any holding back,” says executive producer Deloris Frimpong Manso.

It’s a story that hasn’t been captured for screen “and someone has to tell this story,” she adds.

The producer Benjamin Asante Boateng, could not pass up the novelty of it all and the new challenge the project presented. He describes it as “a path less trodden” in Ghana, which already has numerous wedding shows, even though funerals, like weddings, pull the most gatherings and celebrations every weekend.

Most prominent pallbearer

Viewers can expect culture, celebration, emotions and drama, and also Benjamin Aidoo, Ghana’s most prominent pallbearer, who shares his perspective on what a proper Ghanaian funeral entails, along with his team of pallbearers.

“I think Benjamin is the truest representation of funerals in Ghana. We see him dance in front of coffins, and that is exactly what most Ghanaians do, feast at funerals,” Manso says.

The series is the second Ghanaian Showmax title after “Eno,” a drama series that premiered in March, and was most-watched during its 13-week run.

“My Perfect Funeral” will be available to Showmax subscribers in Africa, the UK and 32 other countries.

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