'How to Get Pregnant Fast' Tops List of Medical Issues Searched by Kenyans

  • A Google report on the top medical-related searches by Kenyans on Google revealed a rush by locals to conceive in 2022.

    According to the report released on Thursday, December 8, ‘How to get pregnant fast’ emerged among the top three questions asked by would-be parents to the 24-year-old search engine.

    “How to get pregnant” was only bettered by “How to maintain facial health by controlling the type of food consumed” and “How to register for COVID vaccine” in the first and second positions respectively. 

    The search trends by users effectively revealed a population that is more concerned about their physical fitness and weight-related issues.

    Google Headquarters in California.

    Google Headquarters in California.


    “Trending on How to Health: how to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI), how to gain weight in a week and how to maintain facial health by controlling the type of food consumed,” the report read in part.

    Physical appearance was also a major concern with users seeking to find out how to remove pimples naturally and permanently and how to grow hair faster and naturally within a week.

    In addition, Kenyans were more intentional about their health with a majority searching how to enroll for the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) online.

    Amid a perception of laxity to take up the coronavirus vaccine, Google revealed that users searched for how and where they would get the jab.

    Notably, internet users in the country preferred to treat some diseases such as urinary tract infections (UTIs) at home.

    How to make a water filter, closed the top 10 list of medical-related searches with the report equally providing a list of top sought-after personalities, sportsmen, and TV shows by Kenyans.

    Locally, people wanted to find out more about Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Azimio Principal Martha Karua who were selected as running mates by the two front runners in the August 9 polls.

    On the international personalities’ list are names such as Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Russian president Vladimir Putin, actor Will Smith and footballers Gabriel Jesus, Casemiro, and Lisandro Martinez.

    In technology, Kenyans struggled with deleting a page in Microsoft Word, converting a word document to pdf,  taking a screenshot on Windows 10, and pinning a location on Whatsapp.

    The Year in Search is an annual report by Google that shows the most searched terms every year. 

    Nairobi residents pictured at Kenya National Archives section of Nairobi CBD.

    Nairobi residents pictured at Kenya National Archives section of Nairobi CBD.


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