Mark Masai Hints at Next Move After Exiting NTV

  • For at least 14 years, Mark Masai graced prime-time news at NTV alongside his co-anchor, Smriti Vidyarthi, before he was laid off on December 2.

    He received the sudden turn of events well, optimistic about making a comeback sooner than later. 

    “Time for a short commercial break,” Masai declared on Thursday, December 1. 

    Six days later, on Wednesday, December 7, Masai engaged his followers to asses various directions his career path may take.

    Mark Masai (left) and NTV's Smriti Vidyarthi in the studio on September 12, 2017 during the General Election

    Mark Masai (left) and NTV’s Smriti Vidyarthi in the studio on September 12, 2017, during the General Election


    Mark Masai


    He was inclined towards joining the digital space away from the traditional media platforms, a trend popular among media personalities in the recent past. 

    Presented with a wide pool of ideas, Masai noted he was working to guarantee his viewers quality content, including talk and news shows.

    Following his huge following online, with about 602,000 followers on Twitter, 42,000 on Instagram, and 16,000 on Facebook, the journalist also hinted at starting a YouTube channel.

    Additionally, Masai affirmed fully utilising Twitter as a platform to grow his brand, as suggested by Public Relations practitioner, Ahmed Mohamed, also known as Asmali. 

    “You have done exceptionally well, and you can only get better. Take a step back, evaluate and come back stronger and better,” Asmali added.

    Described as a humble guy, his openness to moving to the digital space was well-received by his followers.

    “A podcast, YouTube channel, and TikTok shorts would be a great option,” Rodgers Kipembe, Secretary General of the NOPEU party, suggested.

    Masai also moderated his first Twitter space conversation hosted by Mwango Capital where he emphasised that he was focused on his future. 

    “We are getting into the new frontiers of communication.

    A journalist of over 15 years and now getting into the field of good strategy and communication,” he announced.

    Journalist Mark Masai on set at NTV studios

    Journalist Mark Masai on set at NTV studios


    Mark Masai

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