Nairobi Expressway Addresses Reports of Closing for Christmas

  • The Moja Expressway Company has dismissed reports alleging that the expressway will be closed during the festive season due to low traffic in the city.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Thursday, December 8, Head of Public Relations Jeanne May Ongiyo confirmed that the road track will remain operational as usual.

    Ongiyo explained that despite its staff taking a break, operations on the road will not be affected. 

    “The expressway is a 24-hour toll road and will be fully operational. We have shifts to ensure staff also get time to spend with their families without stalling any processes,” she explained.

    An image of one of the electronic speed cameras mounted along the Nairobi expressway.jpg

    An image of one of the electronic speed cameras mounted along the Nairobi expressway.

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    Ongiyo reiterated that passenger service vehicles (PSVs) with a capacity exceeding 11 were not allowed on the elevated highway

    In addition, she provided leads on Moja Expressway incorporating mobile money as a mode of payment by motorists using the roadway.

    “We do not have an official update for now but we are holding talks with all the service providers on how to include the payment mode,” Ongiyo explained.

    Currently, the company provides remittances through manual (MTC) and electronic toll cards (ETC).

    On Thursday, December 8, the leader of the majority in the National Assembly, Kimani Ichung’wah, demanded answers to why motorists could not pay using mobile money.

    Speaking in Parliament before the MPs proceeded on a recess, Ichung’wah also urged Moja Expressway to allow the tracking of the number of vehicles using the highway and the toll fee collected every day. 

    Meanwhile, measures put in place to curb the conduct of motorists using the 27-kilometre expressway will still be implemented when the staff proceed on a break. 

    On November 14, Ongiyo confirmed that electronic speed cameras were mounted on designated points to catch drivers who were violating the speed limits.

    She later disclosed that the breathalyzer was introduced to nab motorists driving under the influence. The alcoblow test will be administered by police officers.

    Perpetrators found flaunting the rules will be issued with charge sheets before exiting the road.

    Section of Nairobi Expressway along Mombasa Road.

    Section of Nairobi Expressway along Mombasa Road.


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