Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying Pickup Truck

  • Pickup trucks are one of the most common vehicle designs in Kenya considering that most Kenyans buy them as an alternative to a car. 

    While pickups are considered ideal for Kenyans working on farms or moving huge cargo due to their heavy engine optimized for towing and hauling, they are not always the best option. 

    Kenyans.co.ke has compiled a raft of reasons why you should think twice before choosing pickup trucks as an alternative to a car.

    A pickup truck model

    A pickup truck model



    Pickup trucks are optimized for towing, hauling, and offloading; qualities that make them have heavier and bigger engines compared to cars.

    As a result, they end up consuming more fuel than cars. With rising fuel prices in Kenya, cars remain the best alternative for anyone looking to save on fuel. 


    Due to their large size pickup trucks are referred to as stiffer rides with most of them being designed with leaf-spring suspension in the rear to support their utility functions. 

    In Kenya, that is ideal when you want to carry heavy cargo but if you need it for normal use, be warned that it will not deliver a smooth and calm ride.


    This is the most obvious downside of pickup trucks considering that they have an open back.

    In as much as these trucks offer a unique storage solution that can handle everyday items like groceries all the way up to furniture, the storage of goods at the back poses a security threat unlike in cars where there is extended safety.


    Pickups are majorly specialized vehicles for towing and hauling hence are more expensive compared to cars of the corresponding model.

     Fewer Model

    In Kenya, there are not many models of pickup trucks as there are car models. Furthermore, cars provide you with the option of easily trading them in with newer models.

    Therefore, apart from the fewer pickup models available in the market, there is currently no option to trade in with newer models. 

    Some Advantages of Pickup Trucks 

    Despite the aforementioned concerns, pickup trucks have several advantages:

    For instance, pickup trucks are generally large and powerful cars and therefore, less likely to face serious damage in roadside incidents.

    Furthermore, these tucks have a full frame construction that gives them increased torsional flexibility making them the ideal car for most terrains.

    A photo collage of pickup truck models

    A photo collage of pickup truck models


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