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Muder Suicede Crime Scene

Muder Suicede Crime Scene

A police officer died by suicide in Cherangany, Trans Nzoia county on Thursday, December 8 night.

Corporal Rionosia Maiywa is said to have turned the gun on himself in his house at Cherangany police station.

Police said the incident was reported to the same station by one of the deceased’s colleagues as a shooting-suicide incident.

Police said the deceased was found seated on a plastic chair after shooting himself on the left chin.

His colleagues who visited the scene said the bullet exited through the right side of the head.

The deceased had reported off from guarding the exams and was to report on night foot patrol.

He was then armed with an Ak47 rifle loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition.

No suicide note was found in his house and the motive for the incident is yet to be known.

It is the latest incident to happen in a series.

Dozens of police officers have died as a result of suicide in a trend that is attributed to stress at work.

As part of efforts to address the trend, police authorities have launched counselling services and the National Police Service Commission has established a unit and staffed it to attend to their demanding situation.

The counselling unit will, among other things, evaluate, design and lead an outreach programme that helps prevent mental health and substance abuse.

Police have also created a directorate to focus on the welfare of the officers.

At least three suicide cases involving police officers are recorded every month.

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