Charlene Ruto Praises 2 Classmates Who Defended Her in Smokie Business Saga

  • Charlene Ruto recognised two schoolmates who defended her smokie kachumbari business at Daystar University.

    Speaking on Saturday, December 10, at the school’s alumni event, Charlene praised her schoolmates who defended her smokie kachumbari venture at the institution

    She praised Homeboyz Radio presenter, Lotan Salapei, and schoolmate Redempta Oburu, who confirmed being her frequent customers. 

    “It is true I used to run a smokie kachumbari business. Thank you, Lotan and Redempta Oburu, for defending my business and so many others,” she stated.

    Charlene Ruto addressing the 5th National Student Leaders Summit at the University of Nairobi (UoN) on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

    Charlene Ruto addressing the 5th National Student Leaders Summit at the University of Nairobi (UoN) on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.


    Charlene Ruto

    “But I don’t have photos of the business to share online with you,” Charlene added.

    While defending the venture, Charlene insisted that she wanted to encourage the savings and entrepreneurship culture in the country.

    “I was talking to some university students, and we were talking about savings and investments so I thought to encourage them by telling them my story,” Charlene stated.

    According to the Homeboyz Radio presenter, Charlene used to sell smokie sandwiched with chapati at Ksh25. The presenter argued that she ran the business for some time before Ruto visited the school and announced that he was his father.

    “95 per cent of Daystar University students did not know her (Charlene) before her dad announced in public school. Ruto attended a graduation ceremony and informed the institution that Charlene was his daughter,” Lotan stated on Friday, December 9.

    “What she said was authentic and true. If allowed, I would share her photo online,” the Homeboyz Radio presenter added.

    Additionally, Oburu confirmed being Charlene’s customer at Daystar University

    “I personally saw Charlene and other Daystarians doing their smokie business on campus and other people selling different things. I bought those smokies myself,” she insisted.

    File photo of Homeboyz Radio presenter Lotan Salapei

    File photo of Homeboyz Radio presenter Lotan Salapei.


    Lotan Salapei

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