Ex-Nation Media Boss Cuts Off Friends After Exit

  • Former Nation Media Group (NMG) Editorial Director Mutuma Mathiu, on Friday, December 9, penned an emotional advisory to employees and retirees.

    Mutuma shared the experience of his first four days into retirement, asking employees to prepare ahead for retrenchment, which he argued was a business rather than an emotional decision.

    He noted that retirement life may be lonely and sometimes unnecessarily daunting, unlike employment engagements. One of his pieces of advice was that it was key to cut off some relationships which were pegged on benefits. 

    “Most friendships and business relationships are instrumental, not emotional. They are based on a perception of value.

    Mutuma Mathiu

    Former Nation Media Group (NMG) Editorial Director Mutuma Mathiu in a past event.


    “When you leave your employment, your value reduces, and many people might not think investing money and time in you is any point,” Mutuma wrote in an opinion article published on Nation Africa on Friday, December 9. 

    According to the veteran communication strategist, the gentlemanly thing to do is to make it easy for ‘friends’ to fall off your life without burdening them.

    “The good ones will hang around. Make new friends and new connections in your new life, and keep moving. Don’t be a pest,” he warned.

    The former director also asked those kicked out from their workplaces to avoid the risk of seeking revenge or settling scores. He advised that an attempt to avenge will affect one’s emotions, efforts and peace, adding that one ought to peacefully hand over clients and other business aspects too. 

    “The quest for revenge, settling scores and looking for people who “fixed” you will drain your energy and waste the time you would have used better seeking business opportunities or alternative employment,” the Veteran Journalist advised.

    Mutuma further encouraged retirees to seek better solutions to ever-present problems on earth.

    “And if you really feel that some redress is necessary, don’t obsess, take whatever action quickly and put that chapter behind you. Living a life of bitterness and anger is a bad fate,” he noted.

    The celebrated journalist shifted his focus to personal development while honouring invitations to mentor young journalists.

    Mutuma’s advisory is timely, considering the ongoing retrenchments in local and international media houses. A group of journalists drawn from different stations on December 5, 2022, appealed to President William Ruto to bail out struggling media houses.

    Kenyan journalists during a press conference in a past event

    Kenyan journalists during a press conference in a past event


    The Scribes wanted the mass layoffs addressed, especially at Nation Media Group (NMG) and the Standard Media Group. 

    “The Kenya Kwanza administration led by President William Ruto must understand that journalists play an integral part in the country’s leadership,” Odit stated.

    The fourth estate appealed to Ruto’s government to increase the share of government funds allocated to media houses on advertisements.

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