KDF Officer Shoots Dead Naked Man Storming Into Army Barracks

  • A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer at Mariakani Barracks, in Kilifi County, shot a naked man who was seen approaching the barracks’ perimeter. 

    According to a police report, the KDF officer was manning a sentry barrier when he saw the man approaching.

    Out of an abundance of caution, he signalled the man to stop in a bid to prevent a breach of security protocol in the usually highly-guarded area. 

    However, the defiant man continued walking towards the sentry barrier hence necessitating action from the officer. 

    KDF soldiers being flagged off to DRC on November 12, 2022

    KDF soldiers being flagged off to DRC on November 12, 2022.



    The KDF officer reportedly shot in the air to signal a warning to the suspected intruder, albeit without any positive response from him.  

    Consequently, the officer opened fire at the man and shot him in the neck which killed him on the spot. 

    The motive of the man was yet to be established even as the police promised to conduct investigations. 

    “He was shot in the neck and died on the spot,” Police reports indicated. 

    Detectives from the area took his body to Coast General Hospital mortuary for preservation ahead of a postmortem.

    Protected Area  

     Military installations in the country are associated with high-security protocols and are manned by officers committed to preventing any attempt of compromising security around their perimeter.  

    They are classified as protected areas as premised in the Protected Areas Act, which prevents the entry of unauthorized persons into areas in the gazetted as so. 

    The law stipulates that any person entering such areas should seek permission and be ready to comply with the requirements including being frisked.

    In addition, the sentry or person manning the areas is allowed to use firearms in instances where it is justified that the intruder has the potential to cause harm or risk. 

    KDF Lanet Barracks in Nakuru.

    A file image of the Kenya Defense Forces Lanet Barracks gate in Nakuru.


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